3D Comic Collages

Each one hand made by Doctor Chopper himself, he tries to capture both the beauty of the cover as well as the story within.  Since making his first in 2016, the Doctor has grown both in his style as well as variety and size of pieces he creates.  Current styles include his "original" style from 2016 as well as newer styles that include the full comic book in 2 mil Mylar or even mash-ups of multiple covers... Please step into our comic shop and take a look around!   

Recent Created Works

Doctor Chopper is always working, creating both commissioned pieces, as well as new works for display and sale at the many shows he attends.  Below are recently created pieces that he has recently created.  Some are still available, while others are now a part of someone's growing collection.  Visit our Etsy store or reach out directly to the Doctor about having your own piece created or to purchase a current piece!

Doctor Chopper's NEXT Upcoming In-Person Events:

Big Lick Comic Con

Big Lick Comic Con
Roanoke, VA

August 3 - 4, 2024


Mohegan Sun, Connecticut

August 16 - 18, 2024

Tampa Bay Comic Convention
Tampa Bay Convention Center

August 23 - 25, 2024

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