The Codakhrome 3D Comic Collage Portfolio


These are a sample of various pieces that Doctor Chopper has made since 2016... Enjoy exploring various pieces from the past and think about your own piece you would like done in the future!  Use the button below to see the various sizes/ styles that are currently offered for new piece commissions!

12"x16" 3D Comic Collages

From 2016 until today, below are a sample of some 3D Comic Collages that have been created utilizing some amazing characters and books... even Manga!  They cover all three styles of 12"x16" 3D Comic Collages.

16"x20" "Giant-Sized" 3D Comic Collages

These larger sized collages feature multiple style elements in their layout and design.  Each piece is made by hand to be one of a kind.

20"x20" "Treasury Edition" 3D Comic Collages

Even larger, these huge 20"x20" Treasury Edition 3D Comic Collages hold a huge punch of power in showcasing multiple books in an amazing treasury wall piece.  These pieces are available only at shows or at one of our Comic Shop Partner shops since they are too big to make it safely through the mail... With a limited supply of frames in this size, commissions for a piece of this size are currently limited.

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