So, why do you cut up comic books?

This is a valid question. Comic Books are an amazing medium that are to be read. No argument here.... But, they are also tangible pieces of paper that call for care when storing and reading them. Many times, they are enjoyed... a lot. Thrown in backpacks, under beds, on shelves and ultimately in a corner of an attic someplace until someone decides it's time for them to move on to a comic store... where the owner sees some potential left in them but also sees the price guide value was beat out of them a while ago.
The idea for this shop came to me as I was pawing through comic bins and long boxes.... seeing amazing covers and art in books that sometimes come in three pieces or with some minor "water damage." Seeing this artwork, I got the idea to do something more with what I see awaiting it's trip towards the recycle bin. I thought "Wouldn't it be amazing to be able to hang some of this artwork in a frame to look at and enjoy?" I envisioned being able to add some depth and volume to the artwork, highlighting certain bits of dialogue or action, would give it motion as you view the piece and the concept of "3-D Comic Collages" was born!
I am inspired by all types of comic book characters and stories... The comic book world is so immense that I am still discovering new things every time I visit the dollar bin. I am constantly working on new pieces, adding new ones each week.... plus, I will also do pieces by request for characters I may not have on hand (everyone loves Batman and Spidey but might not know the Justice Society or Nova)...
I thank you for taking time to see my work. Please make sure to favorite the shop on Etsy to see what is currently for sale. Also, subscribe to the Facebook page and Instagram to see what I recently found and what I am currently working on. Finally, please see my exhibit hall which features pieces that have already been purchased and are living on friendly neighborhood wall.... maybe near you!

About Doctor Chopper...

Since receiving his first comic book from his father in 1984 (Amazing Spider Man #252), Dr. Chopper has fallen in love with comic books. The art, the stories and the culture which surround comic books and their characters has so much passion that is a shared experience for all who partake in it. Though his personal tastes rest in the comic books he grew up with, he has really enjoyed meeting new fans that have brought him into the 21st century with the new generation of comic books by both major and independent publishers.

When not searching for comic books, Dr. Chopper enjoys painting, photography and creating both scripted and documentary movies. He also loves to spend time traveling with his 2 daughters and wife as well as volunteering within the community.

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